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Red Velvet Rice Crispy Treat Cone!

just a fun thing to bring out the kidlet in us all


What’s up Eveyone!?! Today I’ll show you how to make a red velvet rice crispy treat cone. It’s actually really really easy all you need are the following items

  1. (10.5) Bag of Mini Marshmallow
  2. 1 Cup of butter or 2 Sticks
  3. 1 box of red velvet cake mix
  4. 6 cups of rice crispy cereal or cocoa (if you want chocolate)
  5. Aliminum Foil

Got everything? Cool lets get started!

First you want to start by melting down your butter in a large pot on medium-low heat

Next add your marshmallows and stir until melted, now add your bag of cake mix. Stir until everything is combined (break down any lumps)

Throw in your rice crispy and mix in until all your cereal is evenly coated. You are going to want to work fast before it cools so it’s easier to shape. spread out in a pan, you want to cut sort…

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a saturnian morning…

up at 430, wide awake and pleasantly surprised at how happy i feel. drinking coffee, juiced all the lemons and limes and put them in ice cube trays for the freezer, made 2 vegi smoothies for the day and the egg sandwich that makes up my daily breakfast. went through all the crap on the table, threw most of it away, organized 2 stacks for weekend projects, 1 recipes and 1 belly dancing. topped the morning off by ordering 5lbs of yumearth organic lollipops for the salon. i feel amazing! have a great day.

The Lion’s Gaze

The Renegade Press

There is an ancient fable from Terma in which Padmasambhava, a literary character, appears before a Terton and teaches him how to better focus his emotions. Padmasambhava says that when a stick is thrown to a dog, the dog will chase the stick. Yet when you throw a stick to a lion, the lion chases you. A dog’s gaze will always follow the object: the stick. The lion gazes steadily at the source: the thrower.

Yep, that’s right. After a brief absence from this site I’ve returned to drop some obscure philosophy served with a side of self-indulgence on you that’s sure to leave you scratching your head wondering why the hell you’re even reading it.

But hear me out. Open your mind and be prepared to look beyond the stick and instead focus on what is really important: the thrower, and why they tossed it in the first place.

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hitting the wall

10 months of tension starting when wilbur died, brother was diagnosed with cancer, house was put up for sale and the beginning of people walking through my house all the time, brother got worse, house sold, brother died and the move to a place half the size as well as trying to help mom through all this or at least be there if she needed me… i want to cry all the time, having panic attacks, am so weirdly happy at times and and other times i feel as if i can’t breathe am so down… heart murmurs are back and scare the hell out of me… i need a four legged companion… specifically another mellow catman…


love this…

Weekend designer

tweed cape_lubaFeatured: Luba tweed cloak

The sunburst yoke, always a favourite, is the feature of this flattering and simple cloak. This one by Luba is fashioned in tweed but any double-faced bottom-weight fashion fabric will do.

You will need:

  • approx. 3 yds. [2.75 m] of fashion fabric, 54” [137 cm] wide.
  • ½ yd. [0.5 m] of stay tape, 1/2” [12 mm] wide.
  • coordinating thread
  • kraft paper

DIMENSIONS: approx. 44” [112  cm] long  and 160” [400 cm ] sweep.


cape draft

Cape Section

Draw 2 lines across paper at a 90° angle from point A.

A-B = width of fashion fabric less 2” [75 mm]; eg. 52” [132 cm].

A-C = A-B.

A-D = 9” [23 cm].

A-E = A-D.

Arc a radius of 9” [23 cm] from A connecting D to E.

D-F = 8” [20 cm].

E-G = D-F.

Arc a radius of 17” [43.2…

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