is it my imagination or is everything costing more and getting smaller? bought a dozen eggs the other day, extra large. took them home along with with a few other things… $80 for 2 sacks of groceries. anyway, cooking breakfast i cracked 1 egg from the previous carton of local eggs marked medium and one from the “mainline” carton marked extra large. do you know that the extra large was the EXACT same size as the medium? what is wrong with this picture? are the local hens bigger? do they starve the production hens to lay more but smaller eggs? or is this just another way to lull us into complacency.  odwalla repackaged their pomagrand so i am now spending about the same for a smaller bottle.  kind of reminds me of gas companies jacking the prices up to almost $5 a gallon then making a big deal when it drops down to $4. does anybody remember 2 years ago when it was about $2.65 a gallon? they make cars that get over 50 mpg but can’t sell them here because it might hurt the economy if people weren’t buying as much gas. does it ever occur to anyone that if the gas prices were lower and cars went further,  people would go farther and spend more? does any of this make sense? probably not…

bottom line… i am tired of being manipulated and taken advantage of like i am an idiot and don’t know what’s really going on…

there… off the soapbox now…

One response to “wth!”

  1. I think we’re living in the age of shrinking portions…it seemed like a few years ago, every place had a Super Size portion, but those seem to be disappearing rapidly.


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