on owning your own house

i just ordered 2 threshold caps for the 2 doors at the salon. 1 has been gone for years, the other was intact. well that changed this morning when i tried to open the door.

it rains a lot here and the caps are what keeps it out of the salon. rain also swells the door frame and this morning the last holdout broke. forcing the door open ripped a hole in the cap. so… i have begun to realize that the reasons for not owning my own home/business building (not counting the $ buildings cost these days) was because of all the time and energy and $ in getting things fixed. because oregon has a law that says in a business lease, all repairs to a business building on the outside are the landlords responsibility, everything on the inside, and i do mean everything, is the lessee’s responsibility.

so basically it’s just like owning the place, i just don’t have to worry about a roof.

who’s looking foolish now?

healthy christmas and happy better new year


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