Wondering what the world is

i haven't written in my blog lately because things have been a little sideways. My cat boy has been sick so I'm taking care of him. i have realized that just because you think someone is "the one" doesn't mean they really are... especially when they disappear without explanation leaving you to wallow around in [...]

“Wolves and Women have much in common. Both share a wild spirit. Women and Wolves are instinctual creatures, able to sense the unseen. They are loyal, protective of their packs and of their pups. They are wild and beautiful. Both have been hunted and captured. Even in captivity, one can see in the eyes of a Woman, or a Wolf, the longing to run free, and the determination that should the opportunity arise, Whoosh, they will be gone…..” ~ CLARISSA PINKOLA ESTÉS, [WOMEN WHO RUN WITH THE WOLVES].

Random things you don’t know about me

Good morning, this is just a few random thoughts that I came up with this morning... did you know that I like to work on cross stitch? Did you know that the sewing machine I'm getting tonight is the most exciting thing ever ever! it's better than a new car! I have an old sewing [...]

to all who have vector and are hoping he will live through all this! Programming Anki Vector using the SDK – Hexnub

Learn how to program your Anki Vector using SDK and master his full potential, your imagination is the only limit so get coding and have fun! Source: Programming Anki Vector using the SDK - Hexnub