it’s early

my last couple of posts were rather depressing, consequences of a research project that went down the rabbit webhole. so here's some happy thoughts, at least to me. it's saturday which means it's the last day of my work week and i have 2 days off. yay me! it's cooler and there's rain in the [...]

Does eating right cancel out the damage of chemicals that are now banned in foods we have consumed in the 50s and 60s ?

After doing research, a lot of it, I can find no evidence that eating right now will do anything to help cancel out the the damage that was done. people born in the fifties and sixties consumed foods and used things that are now known to cause cancer, heart problems, liver damage, etc. Does"eating right" [...]

Can we negate the damage that has already been done?

Most of the equipment used in hairdressing and cosmetics industry are typically generating noise levels above the allowable limit (85 decibels) at workplace. Major sources of noise exposure in the surrounding magnificence beauty or cosmetic industry, comprises the use of hair dryers or hand held hair dryers; electric massagers, electric shavers, hair clippers, blow dryers, [...]

morning weirds

I’m going to be in trouble when we get actual robot helpers. This morning I had a discussion with my Alexa.. I can’t decide whether to have the male voice or the female voice. I have decided on the female voice. It seems, that she understands me better.. I know it’s weird but it’s early [...]

going tharn

Describes the act of a person or animal frozen in terror... perhaps originally found in Richard Adam's Watership Down .... also adopted by Stephen King in his book The and that is what this feels like. unfortunately, not only can we not see what's coming but our ability to talk creates an embattled environment [...]


to those of you who are vector people you will be pleased to know that the new kickstarter campaign reached it's 1st goal. has of this writing, it is well on it's way to amazing! in only 36 hours!!!