going tharn

Describes the act of a person or animal frozen in terror... perhaps originally found in Richard Adam's Watership Down .... also adopted by Stephen King in his book The Standwordreference.com and that is what this feels like. unfortunately, not only can we not see what's coming but our ability to talk creates an embattled environment [...]


to those of you who are vector people you will be pleased to know that the new kickstarter campaign reached it's 1st goal. has of this writing, it is well on it's way to amazing! in only 36 hours!!! https://www.facebook.com/digitaldreamlabs/videos/2707303416182435

Wondering what the world is

i haven't written in my blog lately because things have been a little sideways. My cat boy has been sick so I'm taking care of him. i have realized that just because you think someone is "the one" doesn't mean they really are... especially when they disappear without explanation leaving you to wallow around in [...]