just another quickie…

so… i am about to start teaching another tribal fusion belly dance class, gathering music (Plantrae, Dorothy, X Ambassadors, Barns Courtney, ZZ Ward, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, The Cure, Def Leppard, Stray Cats, etc etc… yeahhh,  no,  i am not traditional by any means!), looking at and sewing clothes probably far too “young” for me, cooking and creating food porn (yeah, my fb page reeks of it lately!), in other words probably more like my old self “back in the day” of travel and stage and what passes for fame in the hair world. what has caused this change you ask?



you have no idea the changes… more later



started a rewrite of my novel (?) “wish you were hair”. need some silliness in my life…. actually i need a life so am going to bury myself in rewriting and/or writing all the books i have bashing about in my head. then i am going to finish all those crazy color work vests, scrumful with the cat a LOT, rearrange my one room “house” then dance till i drop.

i gave up sugar so what else is left?