amazing youth…

it’s graduation day here… memorials abound when normally sighs of relief and partying into the night are de rigueur … one of their own is gone, taken quickly and with no warning… we adults are stung, still reeling but moving along and forgetting the pain more and more each day… the youth (“kids” sounds too juvenile) here still hold her close to their hearts… still mourning, still shocked, still memorializing, still trying to cope.  do you see them? do you know how much they hold inside so as not to be uncool, too emo, too royal drama  to their peers?

to the youth around the world who are still trying to process the death of their own through shootings, alcohol, simple accidents… stay strong… lean on each other if you can’t get to your family… bring peace to the world by being the loving, caring people you hide from us…

it’s been awhile

so many times i have sat down to write about some weirdness or injustice or just plain stupidness (which isn’t a word but should be) but then i think what the hell good would it do? example: my local market carries more premade, premixed, fat and calorie laden stuff than ever before. there are approximately 60 different cereals, enough ice cream to keep a fair sized city happy and did you know that in an entire aisle of freezers there is 1 gluten free pizza and 2 frozen entrees that don’t have pasta?  they have stopped carrying something as basic as hotdog relish! ok yeah you can mix mustard and relish but it lacks the secret ingredient. for 3 bags (plastic because i am into reuse and repurpose and you can’t do anything with a paper bag once you walk home in the rain) of basic stuff it was $85! that’s crazy when i can get a whole carload of stuff at fred meyer and oceana food co-op for $150. but yet they want us to buy local and not at the “big box” stores. so why don’t they support the locals? there is a whole new business category in personal shoppers who can drive to the bigger stores, shop and charge a percentage and we STILL save average 30% over the local market.

so maybe you will see me more often… cause i am getting older and more grumpy everyday. i hate being taken advantage of and i hate being guilted (another non-word that should be) and manipulated into doing things that just aren’t right.

till next time