so the 50,000 words in a month start today and i am still basking in the glow of another birthday. no, no parties or festivities or even a cake (rico not having opposable thumbs). no, the afterglow is the feeling of finding your place in your place. that feel of connection, of purpose and of peace. i am now 62 and i think i deserve to quit worrying. i don’t want to huddle with the masses, afraid of what’s coming next, what will happen if that and do we have any future.

i choose life and love and hope.

tonight i start my book, 1666.6 words per day. i have been doing this every november for about 13 years and haven’t finished one yet.  this year i will because this year i will simply write and use paper and pencil instead of a computer… because then i can feel what is happening and where they (the characters) are going and how they are feeling. and i won’t plan i will just watch the “movie”. if you want to know what it’s all about, this novel in a month thing go to National Novel Writing Month.

thank you for all your well wishes, you truly are my friends and i “like” love you all




much better today thank you, but still don’t want to be here… i am tired and slightly nauseous from all the cold meds yesterday but i am at work. staying in my space so as not to spread germs…kicked back on the couch drinking red grape juice which, believe it or not, actually helps with chest congestion. have no idea why or how but it does help… weird though… friends are making merry over the DOMA thing, i am happy for everyone… my brain is mush, profound thoughts running through my head, colliding and spinning off in so many directions… creating new “things” to bother me with late at night… suffice to say this is a truly dumb post but i am publishing anyway since i have vowed to write something everyday… getting ready for NANOWRIMO