so the 50,000 words in a month start today and i am still basking in the glow of another birthday. no, no parties or festivities or even a cake (rico not having opposable thumbs). no, the afterglow is the feeling of finding your place in your place. that feel of connection, of purpose and of [...]

just questions…

i have been wondering about something... how is it that you can have hundreds of "friends" yet feel so totally alone? is this what the world is going to be like forever? all of us holed up inside, poking away at our keyboards, sharing pictures and stories? i am not trying to get a ton [...]

thoughts… again

had to apologize the other day... for being an arrogant know it all... while thinking about the result it occurred to me that knowing yourself and apologizing when the not so nice bits manifest isn't easy... but it is soul clearing and a clear lesson on watching and thinking about what you say to others... [...]

morning meditation…

the air has a crispness that whispers of autumn... layers of clouds, some edgy, some ethereal mist scattered across the sky, give depth and create slivers of space, the rising sun slicing through to enhance the certainty that the universe is having a very good day... in the stillness, there is a quiet young peep, [...]

repeated and updated for 2012

04/04/08 some of the things i have learned are that I am not indispensible…that the world will continue to revolve if i am not in it…that the show will go on without me…that saying no doesn’t mean i am a bad person…or selfish…if someone is disappointed in me…it isn’t the end of the world. This [...]

Notes TO the Universe

every day i get a note from the universe (thanks!) so today i want to write a note back. thanks for the day today. besides being full of great people, you really came through when it became apparent that i totally messed up my afternoon evening schedule. between the no shows, trees down from [...]