so i am back… and lots of stuff has changed… ocean tribal is really not pertinent anymore but i will keep the name… brings back fond memories. anyway the picture will change soon, the rest will happen slowly.

no longer have a troupe. i dance for myself now and it has allowed me to create much more. will still do competition and i have a duet partner but there is less need to “get radical” on stage. combining elements of old and new styles has been more freeing than you can imagine!

my life outlook has altered as well, and am much more at peace with the world and myself. esoteric stuff i know, but after spending the last year so close to source i have realized that action/reaction, wish/granted, question/answered are what really happens when you live centered in RT.

i am getting rid of stuff and simplifying things and do with less because i really don’t need much. weird! speaking of weird… does anyone realize that the word weird goes against the “i before e” rule? just a random thought.speaking of words… i am writing my novel during the month… yeah i know i have said that before but with nothing distracting me after work, this should be the year! wish me luck!

there is the chance, well certainty then, that this post will never get read but here it is…

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