ch ch ch changes

yes, it is all about change… and simplification and learning that i don’t need all the stuff that i think i do… i am writing a book… actually 2 but one won’t get started until november during nanowrimo (… one has been in my head for about 20 years!

i want to put together a dance show next year called the fusion festival; to benefit women who have had or are going through breast cancer… why that? ask me later, am too angry to talk about idiots… anyway, it is a fusion that, to quote a dictionary, is a merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole… as in the example; the show was a fusion of different styles and culture… so basically that means anything goes… no worrying about whether or not you “fit in”, whether you have a whole room filled with ribbons and trophys or a couple show programs with your name on it to show that you were there, stuck on your bedroom wall… it is all about coming together for ourselves… so the first person to look me up and down with “that look” is going to get an earful… i don’t care if you like or dislike my style, costume, theme, makeup, hair, whatever… i am an artist, so are you… i respect you for what you have done and will even cheer and hoot when you are finished, i expect that same courtesy from you…

okay… off the soapbox… anyway, i really want this festival to be a reality… obviously i have a lot of time on my hands right now! so i guess i will go read a book… or wait… maybe i should update my calendar!!

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