hair musings

how many of our spousal units tell us how to wear our hair? talking with someone today whos partner was upset she was cutting her hair to make it more manageable. she doesn’t use product or curling irons or flat irons, when it is too long she puts it up in rollers and sleeps on it so her idea of easy care is to perm the hell out of it and then soften it with a blow dryer. now my question is why has hair become such a chore? it used to be that hair ( women more than men) was our “crowning glory”. we brushed it regularly, we conditioned and styled and played with it. i have clients who range in age from 30 to 96 who all get their hair done regularly and they make sure it looks nice every morning. what has happened that more and more people either cut it all off short or get a “curly perm” just so they don’t have to bother with it? now i am not talking about the ones with arthritis, shoulder problems, etc.. but the ones who with the extra few minutes it takes, could look fabulous instead of just there. everyday someone asks me why did you dress up?, what’s the occasion? the occasion is i like myself well enough to take a little time and make myself smile when i see myself in the mirror… am i really that fabulous looking? no… i am aging… the body has become thicker and soft even though it is still strong and my skin is “crinkly” ( those of you who have it know). but when i take the time nobody notices that stuff. they think i am vibrant and alive and sexy and beautiful and if they can’t see it then why should i see it? change is certain, it’s how we react to it that’s important. well time to go back to work…

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