depression is an interesting animal… it demands that you crawl in a hole in order to be at peace… yet the very act of following this demand, creates isolation that deepens the depression… mine wears a scowly face (and glasses) and every once in awhile I mentally tickle it under the chin so it will giggle… which puts me in a good mood… which then makes the depression cranky and the fight is on… so then the 5 stages…. isolation, anger, bargaining, back to depression and then acceptance… and this can all be done in a night or two so that you can enjoy the rest of the week… the trick is to acknowledge it  without giving it power… to coldly and clinically walk it, and you, through the 5 stages… only then can you “de-isolate” (new word) and get on with smiling and giggling and enjoying life as it is…    namaste

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