teachers… and an abuse of power

being a teacher is about inspiring someone to take the information you give them and let them run with it… let them fly to places you never thought of… let them be better then you… it isn’t about petty backstabbing and smashing the hopes of someone who doesn’t think like you… have recently learned of a teacher who does just that, no matter the talent standing in front of her cringing at the hurtful words. that isn’t teaching, that is someone in a position of authority abusing their power. how can you demonstrate and talk about the abuses of power in the government, the state, the country, the right and left, any and all when you are continuing that same abuse in your own life? its wrong… it always has been…

you are entitled to an opinion,  you are not entitled to use said opinion to hurt someone. .. do unto others as you would have them do unto you and judge not lest you be judged… words to live by…

One response to “teachers… and an abuse of power”

  1. No matter how old- or young a person is, that person can be affected by another’s comment or action. Even the most stoic appearing person probably is affected by words and/or actions of another. Thinking first is probably ALWAYS a good idea.


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