damn… back again

so am backing this black friday walkout of walmart… why? cause it is about the only thing left that i can do that’s real…  politics is a total joke and it really doesn’t matter what i think anyway…

still hung up on the insane cost of food… here is the thing. i don’t buy packaged food (unless it’s amys rice macaroni & cheese or applegate farms gluten free chicken nuggets! yum!) because it is loaded with salt and fat and a lot of stuff i can’t pronounce… SO… it would make sense that the boxed stuff would cost more but no… by jacking up the prices on basic ingredients, our local store absolutely guarantees that it is cheaper to by junk than the real thing… NOW… this country has a huge problem with obesity so why in the hell do they push and shove and “price right” the stuff that makes us fat and unhealthy? how can we buy local if it is priced for the upper echelon?

wait… are people too lazy to cook their own food? all this buy local stuff reminds me of fast food commercials… you know, macdonald’s, burger king, etc. print and visual ads that show amazing looking hamburgers and fries but when you actually purchase one the burger is grey, the bun is hard with a suspiciously soft doughy middle like they thawed them under the heat lamps, the lettuce looks like the weeds you find on the side of the road after they spray weedkiller, the tomato is kind of orangish yellow and tough… usually the pickle is pretty good, must be the dill and vinegar, but the droplets of ketchup and mustard or “special sauce” make up for nothing… and the fries are greasy and limp as a… well you know…

so what does all that have to do with life? not a damn thing… just me rambling… cause i am old and i can.

have to go back to work…

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