a late new years post…

i sent this via txt message to fbook, and various friends and to this space but have recently learned that it never made it… so here it is!!! to all of those who thought i was ignoring your happy new year txts!!!

at 11:58, wilbur (my catman) comes out to the living room yelling at the top of his lungs because i am not in bed yet… have to get on the floor cause jumping isn’t his thing… so i welcomed the new year laughing because i have cat slobber all over my head and a cat nose stuck in my ear! wtf?! is this what the rest of the year is all about? catman? yikes!!! lolol! laughing so hard tears are running down my leg!!! happy new year to all!!!

so now you know… and yes, it is turning out to be all about catman!



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