just wondering…

for years i have wondered about things… found answers… but there a few things that make me go hmmmmm…

let’s look at the “sheeting action” of some dishwasher detergents… cascade comes to mind, not because they are the only ones but because they do a fine job of advertising so they are the first ones i think of… now what causes the sheeting action? it has to be something pretty darn strong to withstand the heat and spray power of a dishwasher and it has to remain on the dishes in order for the water to “sheet” off. what exactly is it? does anyone know? and what does it do when mixed with food? because it has to come off in the food otherwise water would always sheet off and not leave spots. what is it doing to our bodies?  i haven’t heard a peep about how bad it is for us, yet no one can explain it… i have written a few letters and emails to the company and got no reply….

so… anyone got an answer?

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