rediscovering myself in dance…

there was a period when art and religion stood so close to each other that they could almost be equated. song was prayer, drama was divine performance, dance was cult (magical-holy-powerful). dance accompanies and stimulates all the processes of life. it enables, in turn, other arts to come into being: music, song, drama. it’s motifs have remained the same since antiquity, as the round dance, the spinning dance, the forest ring. all have their origin in the fertility magic of the most ancient times.
Gerardo van Der Lewis, “Sacred and Profane Beauty-The Holy in Art”

have started reading the book “sacred woman, sacred dance” by iris stewart. this is the first thing i read and has set the tone for whatever else i absorb from the book. to add to that, dance has been proven to sharpen the mind a well as be good for stretching and toning the entire body. so that’s my story for the day. off to work in the yard! have a fabulous day…

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