on being sick…

so I have been asleep all day. very nasty cold so I just do what my body tells me to do; eat, drink a lot of water and sleep. catman decided to emphasize the fact that he hated his breakfast and threw up behind my chair. also probably to remind me not to play the martyr card! am reading “still here” ram dass’s book on embracing aging, changing and dying. saw this man in los angeles, or maybe san diego, at the whole life expo back in the 80’s. life changing experience especially since I was caught up and stuck in the whole metaphysical thing. still use the jai ram meditation chant and every once in awhile I relive the song he had us do. called jubilate, he broke us up in to sections and started each at a different time. huge, soul shattering and I cry every time I relive it. I miss those days and times. we were all friends even when we didn’t know each other. there was respect for who we were, our thoughts and the path we were traveling. we really listened to each other…

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