back again…

was sick for awhile, the last 2 days being the best i have felt in a long time… the brain, however, has refused to rest in this time so there are sticky notes everywhere of ideas, projects, thoughts, rants and questions. where to start…

i have become enamored of old fashioned words and old proper english (ie british) vocabulary (wildly crazy for those of you who are wondering if “enamored” is some sort of allergy)… after reading dorothy sayers “lord peter wimsey” stories, i now find myself rereading them, notepad in hand, copying down unknown words and spellings and usages so i can use them in everyday life… the latest word that has grabbed hold is “pipemma” sometimes “pip emma”…
the term was used by british signalmen and stands for p.m. or afternoon. ack emma is its counterpart, standing for a.m. or morning.

we live in a world of short sentences, short thoughts, fast and furious… tweets… acronyms… wtf?

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