on having a couple days off…

needed reminders…

Eclectic Haze

if you have ever worked in a personal service position, you know how hard it is to let go of the previous week. we react to the energies of others, not in a woo woo “I can see and feel your aura” sort of way but in a way that lets us know we are definitely all connected. don’t laugh or smirk or roll your eyes, think about it. haven’t you every been someplace and been uneasy for no apparent reason? met someone that you have taken an instant dislike to even before they opened their mouth? felt like you have known someone forever after meeting them for the first time? known a person to be happy, sad, angry or mean without even speaking with them? humans radiate energy same as plants, animals, rocks, all of nature. there is a reason we feel peaceful in one place and not in…

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