a thing…

few people know i am a “licensed and registered (at least in the state of oregon)” minister (pastor, priest, what? ). as such i  can marry people, have a “church”, etc. many people know that instead of prayers when requested, i send bubbles. red for grounding, pink for love and compassion, yellow, orange and green for healing, blues, indigo and purple for the spirit. of course there’s everything in between and the ultimate rainbow bubbles… reasoning? coming into self during the late 70’s early 80’s meant embracing not only who i was but what i was. it was also a time when crystals, ram dass, shirley maclaine, way of the peaceful warrior, native american and thousands of other religions, thoughts,  and consciousness streams were being bandied about like so many ping pong balls. and i was right there in the middle… chanting, leading creative visualization classes, teaching positive motivation, practicing earth magic (and freaking out when it worked! ) etc. we all were struggling to reach that place of peace, love and understanding we read about and listened to… and then we quit because it didn’t bring health, wealth and happiness… we watched our teachers and gurus get into trouble, get grumpy, get sick, generally be human… and get old… so i needed something fun and tangible (at least in my mind!) to counter the depression that sets in when you realize that what happens in life isn’t set by some outside force but by yourself…

and so the bubbles…

now? am going to start my own “church”, probably i will be the only one attending but i will also be the only one preaching!!!

from here on out that’s what this will be… a place to share thoughts, readings, bubbles…

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