teaching an old bitch new tricks

let me preface by saying that the bitch referred to in the title is me and is of a canine variety, not an expression of temperament… although there are some who would argue that.

recently had an accident of sorts which required a bit of surgery on left forefinger. it is truly amazing how losing the use of one digit can create such a huge change. i do hair and now that things have healed up, i fully expected everything to go back to normal… and it didn’t. so much for creative visualization. the fingertip is so hyper sensitive that running it through hair causes a kind of electrical pain shock and also makes me slightly nauseous. this is unfortunate since it is my job to “handle” hair. i am trying to desensitize it and am looking for some kind of numbing creme to use for work but until then i have to change and relearn something i have been doing for 43 years. now i understand that losing a limb or a digit can create changes that must be accepted and my forefinger problems are nothing compared to the life experiences some have to face. this particular blog entry is a simple observation of the way some accept the things the universe throws our way, karma be damned. i don’t accept them well and the temptation to whine and act the martyr is, well let’s just say tempting.

this comes on the heels of another revelation but that will be a later post. not ready to put it down and actually look at it… forces one to acknowledge its existence and i am not ready for that…

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