Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down.

what i am feeling but said oh so much better! excellent.

Inner Thoughts of An Extrovert

My life is on fire.

Skin burning and tingling,

your words are kindling as I go up in flames.

But you– you don’t care.

Not now, not yesterday, not ever.

Smoke from our burning memories fill my nose and eyes,

but I promised myself you wouldn’t make me cry ever again.

It stings, but it’s bearable compared to the pain I’ve felt

these last five years.

These last five very long years.

Your voice is the wail of the fire trucks in my ear,

Promising safety and security, but came a little too late.

Promises–the words that kept me chained in this old house as it burns.

each convincing, conniving letter just another metal link.

In the end, I stopped fighting–there was no longer any point.

There are worse ways to die than under your charcoal touch.

My ashes will fly away in the wind, finally free from you.


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