a not so scientific science experiment…

with the changes that have happened at the salon, there has come a need to tighten things up a bit. I have been taking sprayology health and vitamin spray supplements for years and love them… I don’t do pills well. I am required to order them by the 6 pack and since I take 6 different kinds, that can run close to 500. of course that will last me 6 months but the initial order is still there. so I quit taking them, figuring since I have started trying to eat right things would equal out.

oh hell no, according to my body and brain. I am sluggish, even though I have been doing my lemon water in the morning and drinking water all day. I am so so tired, all my muscles and joints ache, have no strength in my hands and the tremor in my left has increased.

guess what, I am going to start again. this isn’t worth it and if I want to continue to work I have to. so if you come in and I look more wild eyed then usual, it’s not drugs it’s a vitamin load that’s making everything happy dance!

have a great day…


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