ch ch ch changes…

something happened on fb and found out that it can be a horrible place and i am having a hard time understanding people these days. is it because of age? have i been living in a fantasy world for 60+ years? are people truly as nasty, mean, etc. as their actions paint them? or is this an opportunity for people to finally become “famous” and it is an “anything goes” place to make that happen. a rape of a young girl is an opportunity for politicians to push their views on illegals ignoring the girl entirely and a “fb live” rape is watched and not reported and will probably hit you tube to go viral. what is wrong with this world’s people?

in a discussion the question came up “has it always been like this” or is it because of instant information, the access to news 24/7 and the need to be important… witness this blog of course!

in “the old days”, we had to wait until the tv stations went on air in the morning. can you imagine? absolutely no way to hear or see what was going on in the world. even most of the radio stations were off air at night. what did we do? we read, played games, talked to each other, talked on the phone… and may i remind you that people weren’t as heavy then, probably because we were always doing things outside or inside. now i confess, i don’t have regular tv, in fact it gets turned on about once a month, but i will spend 6 hours reading on any given sunday. no tv or radio on, just quiet and an occasional request from rico. and that to me is an absolutely perfect day. i have never subscribed to the constant noise that people require in order to not be alone. so i guess sitting and reading for 6 hours is similar to sitting on the computer for 6 hours so i really have no room to talk… but still…

yeah, this is a rant and there’s more to come. i have questions and thoughts and musings, so get ready ya’all!


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