going tharn

Describes the act of a person or animal frozen in terror… perhaps originally found in Richard Adam’s Watership Down …. also adopted by Stephen King in his book The Stand


and that is what this feels like. unfortunately, not only can we not see what’s coming but our ability to talk creates an embattled environment where information changes minute by minute. we really have no idea what is going to actually happen and our leaders are just as frozen.

there are samples written throughout our history on this planet but no one knows where this is going to go… least of all those of us in the trenches. we rage against our inability to do ANYTHING to fix this, other than sit in our homes and wait for it to burn out. at the cost of losing lives, livelihoods, homes and the human interaction that on the surface is helped by technology but underneath cries out for human touch… hugs… which we need right now. none of us are immune to any of it.

a salute to the people on the frontlines… doctors, nurses, aides, the grocery store clerks, the truckers who continue to deliver us the staples we need, everyone who is risking infection by helping us avoid it.

please be at peace my people. don’t verbally or physically beat up on people who have no control over this situation. help one another in your household and make sure your neighbors, family and friends know they are not alone.


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