rainy weather

the first of the fall rainy season is here… at 330am rain was horizontal and looked like waves across the pavement. i hope catboy is warm and cozy in his “vacation” spot. i do wish he would come home. i miss his silly grins and his growly talk and all his questions. i miss leaning on the back of the couch with him leaning against me, our noses pressed against the screen watching the world, talking to the hummers and breathing the fresh sea air. i missed him sleeping in my lap, paralyzing my legs, on “slugday”… i miss his paw on my book and my arm, his rollover on his toypile, that little burble in the back of his throat he makes to entice me to play on the floor… i wish he would come home…

Burning Man 2017: Stunning Photos From The World’s Biggest And Craziest Festival

@rslobodan 70,000 people gather for the annual Burning Man arts and music festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Burning Man Festival is one of the world’s biggest and most popular festivals. Since 1986, revelers from far and wide have trekked to the temporarily constructed Black Rock City,

Source: Burning Man 2017: Stunning Photos From The World’s Biggest And Craziest Festival


quote from “Ancient Origins (Genesis): Book 4 of Ancient Origins” by Robert Storey –

“You think you might as well give in, end it all, but that’s not what life is about. If you give in to death, the dark, you’re only giving in to those people who put that darkness in you, to those bullies and bastards who don’t deserve to take your light”

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