dance can soothe the savaged soul…

dreamstimesmall_11787261last night was revelation. one student in class and she was a long time friend and part of my previous dance gang from 10+ years ago. she knows me and gets me and let me dance to ragged, edgy rock and asked for “we will rock you” by queen. it was hard, sweaty, “balls out” dance that grounded and fed my soul. thank you jilli for a perfect “class”!!!

truly random…

battling depression while battling problems on several fronts is becoming harder and harder to deal with. the need to hole up for awhile and just be is overwhelming.

i am burnt out on fear, walking the edge, staying neutral when all i want to do is scream ‘wtf is wrong with people?’.

crying isn’t an option because that would show vulnerability and god help you if you show that to this screwed up crazy world we live in. there is no peace anywhere, everyone walks the edge.

there is so much i want to do with the rest of my life…

Will You Eat CRISPR Produce? – NEO.LIFE – Medium


IGI’s agriculture team is grappling with a problem that researchers across the world are frantically trying to solve: how will we feed 10 billion people in 2050, using roughly the same amount of land as now, even as climate change stresses many agricultural regions?

Source: Will You Eat CRISPR Produce? – NEO.LIFE – Medium

there is no getting around this question. how would you solve it?