Fourteen Wolves

good to see this gentleman writing again…

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In 1995, biologists released fourteen wolves into Yellowstone National Park as a means of managing the critically high number of elk overgrazing within the reserve. It had been more than seventy years since wolves had resided in Yellowstone, and their reintroduction triggered an event known as a trophic cascade within the park’s ecosystem.

Through hunting, the wolves altered the feeding habits of the herds of elk, forcing them to avoid locations where they were easy prey. This divergence in grazing patterns allowed aspen and willow trees to regenerate, attracting bugs, which in turn lead to various bird species moving in. Shortly after the birds arrived, beavers returned to the area, building dams that provided shelter for otters and reptiles.

In addition to hunting elk, the wolves also killed off much of the coyote population, leading to an increase in the number of rabbits and mice who called Yellowstone home. This…

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so… i am about to start teaching another tribal fusion belly dance class, gathering music (Plantrae, Dorothy, X Ambassadors, Barns Courtney, ZZ Ward, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, The Cure, Def Leppard, Stray Cats, etc etc… yeahhh,  no,  i am not traditional by any means!), looking at and sewing clothes probably far too “young” for me, cooking and creating food porn (yeah, my fb page reeks of it lately!), in other words probably more like my old self “back in the day” of travel and stage and what passes for fame in the hair world. what has caused this change you ask?



you have no idea the changes… more later