weird things

in the past 15 years i have been treated to sights and sounds that have no explanation. do i hear voices? sometimes, but it isn’t talking in my head, it’s more like eavesdropping on parts of a conversation. actually most of the time it sounds like a lecture and i am standing just far enough away that i hear the louder parts. the sights are unexplainable vignettes of people and places i have never seen but they feel familiar somehow.  one that refuses to leave is a brief scene of a woman in a light coloured dress circa the 50’s, leaning up against a wood shingled building, one bent knee with foot pressed against the wall, wearing dark colored flats. dark long wavy hair falls over her shoulder as she looks down on a blonde child playing in the grass at her feet. the other things would probably be categorized as visits although now that would be grounds for having me committed!