just the usual weirdness…

things that prompt these random posts are clients... and the shower... and eavesdropping... and my catmate... and the the books i read, which since i inherited approximately 2000 of them from a client has been a real challenge to organize... suffice to say, life... so what's the thought for the day? listening to someone stress [...]

the joys of getting wise… or old…

two things have happened this week that, i have decided, are a direct result of joyous aging and loving life. i collect antique jewelry... you know the rhinestone, over the top stuff... i know it doesn't seem to be my style, too girly, but it is so over the top it fits! anyway, i have [...]


is it my imagination or is everything costing more and getting smaller? bought a dozen eggs the other day, extra large. took them home along with with a few other things... $80 for 2 sacks of groceries. anyway, cooking breakfast i cracked 1 egg from the previous carton of local eggs marked medium and one [...]

Notes TO the Universe

every day i get a note from the universe (thanks tut.com!) so today i want to write a note back. thanks for the day today. besides being full of great people, you really came through when it became apparent that i totally messed up my afternoon evening schedule. between the no shows, trees down from [...]