early morning…

woke up at 345, wide awake. catman is still asleep and since he is deaf, it’s pretty easy to slip out and get coffee… turned on the computer to check emails… not something i usually do but needed to know when the food order from the co-op i belong to comes in so i can make sure there is time to take it home and put it away… most of it is frozen… great thing by the way, check out http://www.azurestandard.com for more info in your area… just picked up the premier issue of mindful magazine last night and i am definitely signing up… not only for me but i think my clients would like it… every one needs to learn how to ground and center… especially like the articles talking about teaching it to kids in school… amazing the changes that happen… not many people know this but in 8th grade my teacher asked me what i wanted to do with my life… i told him teaching or doing hair… well i got to do both as an international educator and education director in the hair industry so i was lucky… i still enjoy teaching, watching that spark that happens when the student understands and then watch them take it and run past me and soar, but i don’t get to do it very often… and i miss it… seems to be part of why i was put on this planet… almost 6 so time to get ready for work… a 12 hour day today so i won’t be posting later… since the shower is usually where i come up with wild thoughts, ideas and musings, will save them all for a later post… have a fabulous, loving, centered day…

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