wondering where the year went…

it’s july, year is half over… used to snicker at people that complained that time was going by faster the older they got… i figured they had slowed down so much it just seemed like it… guess what… sigh… they were right… have no explanation or profound thoughts, just total disbelief… how can this happen? if none of my projects are done, dances not choreographed, clothes not sewn, what the hell have i been doing for six months? of course i didn’t think i would be working this hard at this age either. if I wake up at three with any amusing anecdotes or amazing deep thoughts, will certainly clue you in…as it stands right now, synapses are misfiring so brain is froze up and soul is whirling in circles shouting ‘what a ride’ … it’s really all nonsense… i just need to get a life…

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