on being sick 2

ok so this one has been a bit harder to get rid of… and has invaded my right ear and throat… haven’t had an earache since, well let’s just say 25+ years… so now it’s 2am, house is quiet and too hot to sleep so of course mind decides to get into analytical discussions with the universe… first thought is i must be getting some very fine antibodies so the next 35+ year’s should be a piece of cake… then the fact takes hold that i have been sick a lot since moving here. does that mean that the bugs adapt to their environment as well as change battle strategies went confronted with the various antibiotics? if so how good is a flu shot? not that I have them but seriously, how do they know which one to give you? my solutions are; a hell of a lot of water, lemon water every morning before anything, warm sea salt gargle, and earl grey tea with lemon, honey and a hit of good whiskey. 

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