the simple life

simplifying life has become an extraordinary journey. my mania about matching is really just that… mania. how many coats does anyone need? books are flying out the doors… and shoes. for someone who prided herself in having only what one could pack in the van, this life collection is now a lesson in letting go.

i have never had a sentimental attachment to “things” and this collection shows how unstable my emotional life has been for a very long time. an over exaggerated sense of what we need to be “comfortable” can become a bit messy when we are unhappy… and the deeper that emotion goes, the messier it gets. these things become what gives us comfort… makes us feel safe… and loved…

getting through this part is harder than i thought. there is absolutely no reason to have all this stuff. and so i am giving it all away. clothes, shoes, furniture, boxes of things i haven’t looked at it 15 years.

so wish me luck my friends… going to be 60 in a few months so starting over at this time in life seems a bit silly… but it’s never too late… and so this becomes my way to freedom… out of depression, uncertainty and panic.

can’t wait to get to the other side.


One response to “the simple life”

  1. I finally decided to put my name & email here so I can leave a comment! I’ve ‘enjoyed’ your posts here…thoughts, aging. This one hit home w/me. I have stuff, some still packed after 20 years, still have things (hand knitted suits….what’s this?) of my mothers. My garage is an organized mess! I will re read The Simple Life for some encouragement….I have been procrastinating since Mother died; Eight Years!
    Luckily I have an outlet for ‘bring something into the house, let something go’ which I manage to keep that going….it’s the boxes & hidden stuff in closets. I see your friends on FB…I hope you know you are loved.

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