On Judgement.

Inner Thoughts of An Extrovert

There used to be a girl in my homeroom class,

who always sat by the window and stared outside.

No matter the weather or the day,

all she did was focus on that same window.

She was quiet, spacey,

and a target for constant ridicule.

Teachers would yell at her to pay attention,

people would make fun of her,

but she never stopped.

Nobody knew what she was staring at,

why she was waiting,

or when she would stop.

We could only assume

what held her rapt attention.

One day,

she wasn’t at school.

The girl was always at school.

Regardless of the day–

this girl was always there.

Except, today she wasn’t.

People made jokes,

told stories about why she wasn’t there that day.

I never joined in,

but deep down,

I wondered just the same as everyone else.

After the period was over,

I waited for everyone to…

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