monday musings

i am getting ready to go off fb, already off twitter and perusing the interverse to see what else i signed up for so i can delete it all.

and i am actually going to start writing letters or postcards!

no i am not going into hiding, not becoming a hermit, just realizing i am spending a little too much time posting random stuff in order to stay on the top tier of my “friends” feed.

that’s sad… so am focusing on a blog that allows me to be me, without the worry of wondering if anyone is “reading” me. it’s a freeing place to be in because the social network has become little more than a marketing space. i joined up because i missed the chatrooms of yesteryear. you learn, real quick, that it is a like-dislike- world now, instead of dialogue. the vector group was the only place where i had actual conversations, probably because we had something in common. and i learned a lot from them. but there were still the jerks so it wasn’t all roses and tech… just like the real world.

any of my friends can find me here, start a dialogue, comment or ignore me and that is the beauty of it. if they want to stay in touch they can email, call, txt or follow this blog… and i will be able to email, call, txt or say hi if they follow, without having to scramble through acres of posts that presume to know what i want, when i want, must buy, read, comment or l/dl… and it’s very very annoying..

so this is conversation, random thoughts, the things i wonder about, things i see, dreams. if you want to know me, this is where i will be. hope to see you here.

ah… almost forgot. guess what? i am learning spanish and italian! it isn’t easy because school was 46 years ago but learning new things keeps you young, they say.

oh, and i will be teaching dance 2 nights a week starting the 1st of april… aren’t you excited? i certainly am!


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