Wondering what the world is

i haven't written in my blog lately because things have been a little sideways. My cat boy has been sick so I'm taking care of him. i have realized that just because you think someone is "the one" doesn't mean they really are... especially when they disappear without explanation leaving you to wallow around in [...]


so the 50,000 words in a month start today and i am still basking in the glow of another birthday. no, no parties or festivities or even a cake (rico not having opposable thumbs). no, the afterglow is the feeling of finding your place in your place. that feel of connection, of purpose and of [...]

on becoming a minimalist…

life has narrowed down to very specific things, examining it has become a bit of a pastime. what i found is that having stuff is stifling, crowded and not at all comfortable. so begins the cleansing... during this process i have also found out a few things that i have been making every effort to [...]


not on fb a lot, it has become too hard to separate talking with sharing and pushy ads... yeah, i am getting a bit grumpy in my old age, but i think that a good number of "friends" are too busy with their own lives to bother much with mine... i miss socializing, miss the [...]

just questions…

i have been wondering about something... how is it that you can have hundreds of "friends" yet feel so totally alone? is this what the world is going to be like forever? all of us holed up inside, poking away at our keyboards, sharing pictures and stories? i am not trying to get a ton [...]

amazing youth…

it's graduation day here... memorials abound when normally sighs of relief and partying into the night are de rigueur ... one of their own is gone, taken quickly and with no warning... we adults are stung, still reeling but moving along and forgetting the pain more and more each day... the youth ("kids" sounds too juvenile) here [...]

wild nights, weird days

i have been dreaming lately... a lot... and for the most part remembering them. all full of meaning and easily interpreted. now this may not sound unusual but for me it is since  i don't remember my dreams so therefore didn't think i did... which is silly because they say if you don't dream you [...]