Wondering what the world is

i haven’t written in my blog lately because things have been a little sideways. My cat boy has been sick so I’m taking care of him. i have realized that just because you think someone is “the one” doesn’t mean they really are… especially when they disappear without explanation leaving you to wallow around in the mire, trapped and asking yourself “what did I do wrong?”.

i read a little meme the other day that said, “be decisive. The streets are littered with flat squirrels that couldn’t make a decision” … or something to that effect, you get the idea.

i am tired of people who talk behind your back forgetting how small this area really is.  of course the need to spread maliciousness has become a national pastime.

a friend who moved here from england told me that she was thinking about going back because the american people aren’t like they were when she first arrived all those years ago. we really are the ugly americans and the sad thing is, most are proud of it… and that goes for both sides.

maybe i am just tired

time to read Rob Brezsny’s book “Pronoia”



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