wild nights, weird days

i have been dreaming lately… a lot… and for the most part remembering them. all full of meaning and easily interpreted. now this may not sound unusual but for me it is since  i don’t remember my dreams so therefore didn’t think i did… which is silly because they say if you don’t dream you aren’t sleeping deep enough and therefore will gradually go sideways… which explains a lot but i digress… so all this is a way of saying that things are changing for me deep in places i haven’t been in awhile. am i finally healing after a couple physically and psychically abusive relationships? because i am happier, at peace with who i am, pretty forgiving (although being scor and all i never forget!!!) and having a great time walking the rim of the wheel!

of course i get on my high horse… really high horse… about things and people but rather than let all that rule my life and cause me grief, i try to just say hey and smile. creating positive energy seems to my mantra of sorts. most think it’s a pollyanna attitude (look it up if you are too young to know what that means! urbandictionary.com) but i don’t need high blood pressure, anti anxiety or anti depression meds either. and i find it’s catching!

living the pronoia life…

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