on getting old… or aging… or whatever…

standing in the bathroom, bright lights all around, is one of the hardest things i do every day. but today was different. instead of examining things and pointing out all of the obvious signs that youth has fled and age is screaming onto center stage, i chose to seriously look, compare, enjoy and see all the things that are good. body is thicker but then i knew that would happen. look at your family photos and you will know. but guess what? i can still do a back bend during floor section and even come up out of it with grace… i am teaching belly dance to people who could be my kids… possibly grand kids! and do it for 2 straight hours… still can work 12 hours a day and the only thing that aches are my feet… and that’s mostly because i insist on wearing fashion shoes. no back problems, no health problems… hair is still thick and grows like a weed… yeah it’s grey but red fits so it’s gonna stay that way! eyesight is still bad at a distance but has actually gotten almost perfect close up… skin good, not many wrinkles… in other words i ain’t bad for an old broad!!! so this aging thing? i am good with it… if the young ones sneer i have only to think about what they are looking forward to and hope the whole process doesn’t push them off the cliff… life rocks no matter how old, what color or whatever…

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