Brain click

It has occurred to me that the reason my legs, back and feet have been in such good health my entire life is completely due to dancing and  teaching dance. Thank you Cory Zamora, my Sensei. Despite working at doing hair for 50 years, broken kneecap last year and turning 67, I am still bendable and walking upright with no back or upper body issues.

Recently i was having trouble with my heel on the  right due to spending a year of favoring my left leg because of the knee cap thing. A friant (friend/client) told me to “write the alphabet” with my feet as many times a day as i could while working. And it worked! I now get up in the morning (after doing that bit of exercise of course) and am able to walk with much less pain. As an added benefit, my left leg and knee are getting stronger and the knee isn’t swelling up. go me!

I have decided that aging doesn’t mean growing old… it means growing smarter. Learning and research is what it’s all about. It takes 7 to make a change and 21 to create a habit. I am now in possession of this body and it is my Christmas gift to me so from here on I am taking care of me.

Wow! That went off the rails didn’t it 😉 the brain click was this morning when I realized that not dancing every day for a year can be detrimental to my health. So there you go… this could have been a very short post. ah well, you know me. Have a great week!

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