amazing youth…

it’s graduation day here… memorials abound when normally sighs of relief and partying into the night are de rigueur … one of their own is gone, taken quickly and with no warning… we adults are stung, still reeling but moving along and forgetting the pain more and more each day… the youth (“kids” sounds too juvenile) here still hold her close to their hearts… still mourning, still shocked, still memorializing, still trying to cope.  do you see them? do you know how much they hold inside so as not to be uncool, too emo, too royal drama  to their peers?

to the youth around the world who are still trying to process the death of their own through shootings, alcohol, simple accidents… stay strong… lean on each other if you can’t get to your family… bring peace to the world by being the loving, caring people you hide from us…

Rob Brezsny and The Universe… coincidence?

Below are 2 things that came in my email today… i love it when the universe links up!!!

Rob Brezsny’s Astrology Newsletter
SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Thirteen thousand years ago, lions and
mammoths and camels roamed parts of North America. But along with
many other large beasts, they ultimately became extinct. Possible
explanations for their demise include climate change and over-hunting by humans. In recent years a group of biologists has proposed a plan to repopulate the western part of the continent with similar species. They call their idea “re-wilding.” In the coming months, Scorpio, I suggest you consider a re-wilding program of your own. Cosmic forces will be on your side if you reinvigorate your connection to the raw, primal aspects of both your own nature and the great outdoors.

TUT… A Note from the Universe
Do you know what happens, Janet, to wildlife when left alone from intellectual minds? It thrives, because thriving is its default setting. Just look at a forest.
And do you know what happens to wildlife when given just a little direction by intellectual minds? It still thrives, because thriving is its default setting. Just look at a rose garden.
And do you know what happens to wildlife when there is too much thinking? Yeah, what wildlife?
Wild thing,
The Universe

Ps…. I call you that kindly, Janet. Gr-r-r-r-r-r-r….